GitHub training videos

Webcast - The Basics of Git and GitHub - July 2013

Jul 4, 2013

Are you new to Git and GitHub? Would you like to learn the basics but haven't taken the time to read the GitHub Help pages yet? Sit back and watch this 50 minute course entitled "The Basics of Git & GitHub," recorded from a live webinar with Matthew McCullough of GitHub:Training and with chat commentary from Brent Beer. This class assists students in using Git from the command line and offers a quick glimpse of the GitHub for Windows and GitHub for Mac GUIs. It offers GitHub newcomers a tour of what this feature-loaded version control tool and an equally powerful web application can do for developers, designers, and managers in both the open source and commercial software worlds.

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Webcast - Undo, Redo & Rebase Your Git History - May 2014

May 19, 2014

Looking for ways to undo, redo, and rebase history with Git? Wondering how this impacts shared repository history? Watch this recording of the May 2014 GitHub Training webinar hosted by Jordan McCullough and discover just a few ways of manipulating your repository's commits.

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