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Welcome to Excel hints and tips
Kirsty McGrath, Productivity Specialist at DDLS
Excel is a very rich application.
SortingYou can click within the column in Excel, right click and do the same sort. Excel recognized the table parameters and does this for you - no need to select the whole column. Duplicating pageIf you hold your CTRL key down as you drag, it will duplicate just about any contents. You can do the same with a bunch of rows of data. CTRL and - will delete. Format printerFormat painter icon. One click allows you to use format painter once. Double click allows you to use it more than once.
Copy format and apply to whole row.
Use paste special. Auto fill and dragUse right click and drag, it automatically comes up with the context menu options. Paste special operatorsInstead of formula, use paste special and select Add.This will allow you to add a value to all the rows in a column.Switch between open windowsCTRL + TAB
To move up and down pages, use CTRL + PageUp or PageDown

Within cell, to go to the next we use arrow right and arrow left. To go to the end, use CTRL + Arrow key.
SumChoose a whole range of data and select AutoSum will work with the selected range. Input some data from aboveALT down arrow gives you a drop down list - select the value from there. Work with different formatsSelecting a range of values and CTRL + Shift + 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc allows you to view selected data in various different formats - date, time, number etc. CTRL + Shift + 1 will bring it back to a number. Difference between now and thenTwo separate dates difference
CTRL + ~ will reveal all formulas on the page.

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