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Welcome to Currently Inked for June 15, 2016. I am in a slightly different space than I normally am - this is my studio control room. I am very excited to welcome today's guest on Currently Inked. Today's guest is Mike Madison of Inkdependence blog. Mike, welcome.
Tell us a little bit about your blog and how you got started and why the focus on ink and that sort of thingI am a pen and ink guy from way back, I have three feet tall drawers packed with non fountain pens. I have been into that for a long time. I started using fountain pens around college.
The blog came about because my wife and I lived apart for a year.
She blogged about nail polish. And said you have to start blogging about something. I decided to start blogging and it has been almost 5 years now.
I started with ink because it was right about the same time that ink samples became a big thing.
Something you can get a hold of pretty easily.
You might be one of the few people who can put my collection to shame. What are we looking at bottle wise? I have probably got 150-175. And then several hundred samples. I have started to catalog my ink samples and bottles on Maruman cards.
Didn't they stop making those?I don't know - but they are difficult to get hold of. Maybe they have stopped.
For those not familiar. This is a casual pen talk. Anything in particular you are excited about, Mike?We had the Triangle pen show in Raleigh last weekend. I finally got a Ryan Krusac pen. It doesn't have a name yet. It is a big hourglass shaped pen made of cocobolo wood.
What do you have it inked with?I have 40 something pens currently inked. Its got cross violet in it right now, which is really good.
I am not familiar with Cross inks. This is one of my pens - a Sheaffer Legacy. People have gone in and replaced the barrel - this is a color prototype with an overlaid nibs. Dandyism. I have been going nuts with Sailor inks. What's another one on your list?Lets see if I have that violet here. I downloaded a pattern for your currently inked thing. I have been playing around with that too. I have said this before - I am meeting with my designer to finish up the next batch. It should be slightly nicer quality, much more highly designed. I got this Sheaffer at the pen show. The Sheaffer cartridges are getting harder to find aren't they? Are they still in production?I think they are still in productionI have not used them a lot. This Sheaffer came with an aerometric converter. One of my cousins-in-law I infected with the fountain pen virus. This is my beloved Wahl Eversharp Decoband. Chunky, gigantic pen with massive super flex nib on it. It forces me to use my whole arm instead of my fingers, and makes my handwriting look really good.
What do you have going on with Inkdependence? What is coming up in the near future?I have got this Cross Ink. I teach online courses in the summer, so busy this week. I will do a few pen reviews pretty soon. My wife and I are going to do a series with Diamine Shimmertastic Inks which I started using and they are surprisingly good. Glitter inks are not generally my thing. I have got the brandy dazzle. I have the blue lightning. I have the purple pizzazz. All behave just as well as any Diamine ink and I had it in my demonstrations for 2 months. I have been using those quite a bit. There was a guy on Instagram who had it in a twizbee eco. You will be getting glitter out of that thing forever - you can't really rinse it out. They seem to have fixed whatever problems in their inks. Speaking of, have you seen pictures of the brown ink? I like Emerald of Chivor inks, I will probably buy a bottle but I don't need to be among the early adopters on that one. I just got Emerald of Chivor today. Sponsor AdSpeaking of Vanness pens, did you happen to see the image Lisa posted on Instagram about the new shipment of Organics Studio ink?I was talking to <inaudible> about that. He said he was going to send us 16 inks.
Is he doing a big batch over the summer break?He said he finished. I am glad Anderson's are carrying these inks too. I have not had a chance to use a lot of Organics Studio ink but I am excited for the opportunity.
Whats next on your inked list at the moment?I just got it today. A follower sent me 4 pens today. The nib on the pen is great. I cant resist inking up pens.
So you are going to be at DC then?Are you going to be working any of the tables this year or are you going to be there and see everything?I dont know for sure. I will be there if someone needs help.
My next Currently Inked is this little pen - the Sailor Pro Gear pen. I did a review of this. It has the most luscious, smooth nib. The Sailor Dandyism is a nice pen - its a little small for me. I understand that they are a little feedback-y, so they are starting to grow on me a little more. Lets do one more each of theseThis is another one - Platinum 3776 with music nib. Came with the same package as the M800. Both of these pens are crazy wet. This is a Yard-O-led blue black. It is hard to find Yard-O-Led ink. My friend brought some Yard-O-Led sepia to an ink swap - I have been looking for it ever since. I don't think they make it anymore. I know next to nothing about Yard-O-Led brand. I have been asked to review them. My final pen is the Tactile Turn gist. You have one too. I ordered the Polycarbonate with the Damascus Steel Finial and with it he sent a titanium one to review and do a giveaway for. I am not generally a fan of all metal pens. But I like the titanium one. I dream of a full Damascus one but that will be crazy expensive. I feel like this is a model where metal is actually the right material for the pen. I have this pen inked with Papier Plume Forest Green. Are you familiar with those inks? No. Who carries it? Vanness bought a few colors at the show that they didn't want to take home with them. The sepia is unsaturated and looks like a color wash, not like an ink. I dont like inks like that. My favorite of theirs is the caramel.
Remind everybody where they can find you onlineMy blog website is I am online at YouTube - search for Michael Matteson. YouTube does not make it easy to figure out how to change settings. Thanks for joining us.
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