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How a single game plays out.
At the beginning of the game, both manager, or coaches, will meet with the umpires, or the referees.
The managers will exchange lineups. It is a list of all the players and what positions they will play. There will be 9 players + 1 designated hitter.
To start the game, the home team will play in the field.
That puts them on defense. The visiting team will bat. The visitors are on offence, and they are trying to score a run. And a run in baseball is a point.
The home team will try to stop the visitors by getting an out.
After 3 outs, the teams exchange or they switch sides.
The process will repeat itself.
The visiting team will field and home team will bat.
At the completion, it would comprise one inning. A top plus a bottom.

After nine innings, it is the end of the game.
If they have the same number of runs, they will keep playing. Some games have gone on for hours.
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